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About Meta Code Generator

Meta code generator is not the difficult task, but with your suggestion, we have provided this free SEO HTML tags generator Tool "Meta Tag Generator". Completing all sections of this code generator tool will create perfect meta tags. Then add meta tags to the HTML or PHP source of your website. 


Use this handy  HtML tags generator tool to copy and paste meta tags into the source HTML of your index page. After adding meta tags to your web page, check if the meta tags are correct, by using the Seotoolsbin Meta Tags analyzer

If you use a CMS system, it is not necessary to create meta tags with the generator. The CMS platform creates the meta tags for you.


General information about SEO HTML Meta Tags Generator:


Meta tags codes are part of HTML tags that state the content of your webpage to search engines and website visitors. Meta-tags only appear in the page header code and anyone can view them from the source code (Ctrl U). We've compiled an overview of metatags that are still very important for SEO.

In short, meta tags are key elements for all search engines that appear in the HTML code of a webpage and tell the search engine what the page is about. The Tags are the first impression and point of contact for all search engines. 


Why Put Meta Tags on Website? 

Meta tags still play an important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Mainly the use of title tags and meta description is very important. 


These tags are displayed by search engines as small text elements in search results. Ensure that the meta tags on your website are distinct for each page, and endeavor to craft them with utmost intrigue and captivation. Both the title tag and the description tag should convince the visitor to click on the link in the search results.


How can I use the  SEO Tags Generator? 


Let's see how to use the handy meta tag generator tool. 

To create metatags: 

  • First, specify the title text of the webpage. 
  • In the description box, Please briefly describe your webpage. 
  • Enter the desired webpage keyword. Ensure each keyword should be separated by commas. 
  • Select Yes or No in allow robots to index your website.
  • Under the Allow robots to follow all links? Select yes if you want a search engine to follow all links or Not on your website.
  • Choose the content genre or category that best defines your website.
  • Your website language
  • Provide how many days you want that Search engines should revisit this page.
  • Author Name if you specify someone, leave blank if you do not.


And Click the Generate Meta Tags button. Using our SEO Tags Generator tool, you can create responsive SEO meta tags that not only help web indexes recognize your web page content but also help your search rankings. 


Tips To Write A Good Title Tag 

The SEO format of a title is: 

Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword - Brand Name 


Google normally displays the first 55 to 60 characters of a title. If you keep your titles under 60 characters, Expert suggests that you can expect about 90% of your titles to show properly in search results.

  • Add “modifiers” in your title tag (How to |The current year | Review |Best | Tips | Top |Find | Buy | Easy) 
  • Place long tail keywords in title tags 
  • Add numbers to your title
  • Start your title tag with your primary keyword 
  • Don’t overfill keywords in title tags
  • Every page should have the best unique title tag 


Tips To Write A Good Description Tag

 The SEO format of a description is:

 Call to Action including Primary Keyword and Secondary Keyword 


  • Google Normally displays around 160 characters in the description. On the other hand, the mobile display result character length is about 130 characters. The character length depends on what search engine systems find most useful. 
  • Add a call to action in your description tag 
  • Start your description tag with your main primary keyword 
  • Each page has its own unique descriptive tag focused on a specific keyword


Tips For Robot Tag

  • Make sure to add the robot txt tag in the Header of your website. 
  • Adding no index and no follow can stop your site from appearing in search engine results. 


The robots meta tag encompasses four primary values pertinent to search engines.


  • FOLLOW - Search engines will follow all the links on this website
  • INDEX - Search engine crawls and indexes entire web pages. 
  • NOFOLLOW - Search engines will not follow pages or links on this webpage. 
  • NOINDEX - Search engines will not index this webpage. 


Meta tags revisited. 


The Revisit tag tells search engine spiders to come back to your site and re-index it. This meta tag was used by several North American search engines in the 1990s. 


The Google browser automatically indexes new blogs and articles on your site. However, there are times when you want the spider to come sooner.

Multiple tools are available to request Google to index your website.


Important Points 

  • Add a new sitemap. To do this, log into Google Search Console and upload a new sitemap. 
  • Go For Google search console. If you have the ability to access your website and verify its correct indexing, you may submit an application for inclusion in the Google index. You can also use this ping tool to submit a single URL ("See this URL only") or a selected URL and all pages directly linking to it ("This URL and its related links"). 
  •  Bing webmaster tool, submit your website like Google.


Tips For Keyword Tags.


The term "keyword" often becomes a significant source of perplexity within the realm of the online sphere. Conversely, keywords and phrases employed throughout other sections of the page hold immense significance.


keywords are still a big part of your SEO strategy. 

  • Keyword Research 
  • Keywords in Title Tag 
  • Keywords in Description Tag 
  • Keyword Density 
  • Keystone Keyword 
  • Keyword in SLUG 
  • Yoast Focus Keyword 

Don't waste your time on keyword tags for your site. 


Can I be penalized for using meta keywords?  Google says no. Bing says no and yes. But it's safe. Misuse of this tag may be considered spam. 


keywords are important for SEO and visitors. 

Yes, keyword research and the use of keywords in titles, descriptions, and content is important. Please stop using keyword meta tags. All meta tags are invalid. No, sorry. Search engines do not use "keyword" meta tags in web search rankings. 


Tips For Auther Tag


Can you credit the person or company that created or managed your website? Use the Author meta tag. 

Additionally, a content management system (CMS) is in place to showcase the identity of the individual responsible for editing this website. In this Tag, it is easy to find the person responsible for the website.


Important Point 

  • Make sure to add the author tag to the HEAD section of your website. 
  • The author tag has transitioned into a Facebook meta tag in contemporary usage. Add your Facebook author tag to your website and your name will show with a link back to your profile whenever an article is shared. 
  • This works well for both single and multi-author blogs as it allows more exposure for your personal brand.


Meta Name Language


This meta tag tells the spider the primary language used on this website. 

In particular, if website information is available in multiple languages, these can be indicated here. 


Important Points 

Be sure to add the language tag to the HEAD section of your website. 

Use our meta tag generator, meta cpde generator for free of cost.